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Women's Health

Active ParentingIn this class for women, we will discuss leading causes of illness and death in women. Focusing on how to prevent or manage major health conditions, you'll review scheduling of important screenings.

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Anthem Webinar: Financial Boot Camp Part 1/3

Active ParentingThis starts you on the right track to financial fitness. Knowing what you have, what you owe and how your cash flows are the first steps in making a plan for today and tomorrow. This program will teach you how to figure out your net worth, as well as how to budget for the future you want. We will also discuss debt and credit.

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Anthem Webinar: Financial Boot Camp Part 2/3

Active ParentingYou work hard for your money and want to make sure you have it when you retire. What is the best way to save and how do you design your financial future? This seminar breaks down the overwhelming tasks of long-term financial planning into understandable, manageable pieces. You discuss preservation of capital, risk tolerance, and asset allocation.

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Anthem Webinar: Financial Boot Camp Part 3/3

Active ParentingPart III covers two key topics that are often overlooked, estate planning and Insurance. What are the elements of a complete estate plan and what are the issues you need to consider. Insurance coverage often gets too little attention. What are the coverages you need and what are the elements you should consider.

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Understanding Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities Learning disabilities do not discriminate. Children across all social and economic backgrounds can be affected. This brief webinar discusses the types, causes, and indicators of learning disabilities.

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