"ACFC Cares" Fair

What is an "ACFC Cares" Fair?

"ACFC Cares" Fairs bring a wide variety of vendors on site to offices in the Verizon/CWA-represented states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC and West Virginia.

Vendors include local and national resources, and organizations and providers related to parenting, caregiving, health and wellness, pet care, "going green", and consumer issues.

Requirements: At least 100 employees working on site at the time of the fair.

Time frame: Four (4) hour time frame (normally 10:00AM to 2:00PM).

Scheduling: See form

Because of the numerous office locations covered in the ACFC territory, the ACFC attempts to reach as many as possible.

Interested in a Fair at your work location? Do you meet the requirements noted above? Click here to request an "ACFC Cares" Fair.


If your intent is to educate your employees on the numerous programs available through the ACFC, you might want to consider a "Mini Presentation". These are ½ hour meetings scheduled during working hours. See flyer below for more details.

Click here to download Mini Presentation PDF

Photos from one of our recent fairs.

Fair Photo 1 Fair Photo 2 Fair Photo 3 Fair Photo 4